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Minor everyday problems!

If you are about to start living in Warsaw, or if you want to run a business here, then you can get hour based help in solving any problem.

Renting a flat or an office, company registration or talking to the tax office. Thousands of routine tasks being solved quickly and efficiently.


             Price 600 zloty/ 4 hours

          Includes interpreting Polish-English-Polish







Guide to Gdansk








Round tour in Gdansk, Wroclaw or Kraków

8 hours round tour, starting at Your hotel. We can start with a two hours presentation at Your Hotel: "Poland today".


This all day trip will be planned individually, and will of course include a few stops for a meal and a drink.

During the trip I will tell you about Poland and Warsaw - present day situation and a historic view.

If you are particularly interested in a special subject, then please tell me beforehand - but of course you are very welcome to ask questions during the tri


                              Price 1.100 zloty + price of transport (bus/ taxi)


Round tour in Warszawa

Tour no. 1 

3 hours 400 zloty

A traditional walk in the old City Centre. We meet up at Your hotel or at a central point in Warszawa.

The schedule depends about where we start, but I also consider the number of people in the group, age and interests, and how quickly the group moves. Please notice, that a group does not move any faster than the slowest participant. I make frequent brakes, where we wait for the rear party, but I would like to know beforehand, if some of the participants have walking impairments. This makes it possible for me to plan a more gentle route.

Besides from the historical Old Town with the Rynek, we will for sure take a close look at the historical defence work, the Royal Castle, the view to the Vistula River, the Presidential Palace and the Pilsudski Square – the square where most state events take place and the home of among others The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The rest of the programme will be in accordance with the weather and what the group wants to see, but very often we will take the metro to the Praga district at the other side of the river, home to an impressive string of pre-war architecture, as the district was not destroyed during WWII. At the same time, I will give You some practical advice about public transport and other things in Warszawa.

The price for tickets for public transport is 4,4 zloty for each participant for a ticket valid for 75 minutes, or 15 zloty for each participant, if You prefer to buy a 24-hours ticket for all metro lines, trams and busses in Warszawa. A 3-day ticket can be bought at 36 zloty.



Tour no. 2

Warszawa – Old Town + metro trip

4 hours/ 500 zloty

Like Tour no. 1 (3 hours), but with a break for coffee or beer in the middle of the trip, and we see a bit more of the area outside the City Centre. If we walk, we can take a stroll down to the river side and take a look at the beautiful roof garden at the top of the University Library. Right from this place we have a perfect panorama of Warszawa, the river bank and the Copernicus Centre, with a fantastic exhibition dedicated to technic and development.

Another possible route is the metro to the Palace of Culture and a walk around the huge building from communist time, which today is a landmark for people exploring the city.



Tour no. 3

Warszawa and Poland – A presentation at Your hotel titled "The Moderns Poland" + Old City + a metro trip.

5 hours / 700 zloty

Like tour no. 1– but we start off with a 90 minutes presentation at the hotel about modern Polish society with subsequent talk and questions.  

You will have to book a conference room at the hotel including an overhead projector.

It is also possible to have other specific presentations at your own wish, but the price for the trip will then be around 1.100 zloty.



Tour no. 4

Warszawa and Poland

8 hours / 950 zloty

Extra charge for bus for 4 hours: Up to 20 participants: 450 zloty; up to 28 participants: 550 zloty; up to 51 participants: 850 zloty.

Starting with a presentation at the hotel (like tour no. 3), two hours of walking around Old Town followed by 4 hours by bus around Warszawa. We agree where we take a stop for coffee and a stop for lunch.  

As standard I recommend a trip to Wilanowa, where we will take a look at King Jan Sobieski's summer palace from 1696, followed by a trip to the president's residence and a walk through the splendid Lazienki park from the 18th century, which was then the kings personal park filled with a huge number of magnificent buildings.

If time is not running out, we finish off by a drive along the river bank and a stop by the original Russian fortification, where we can take a look at the original gallows used to hang Polish rebels during the Russian rule 1795-1918.




Individual tours

The above are just a few of my proposals, but it is obviously possible to agree on other tours and routes, adjusted to what the participants want to see. I will be happy to prepare an individual programme for you and shall also book for lunch during the trip. These can be thematical trips and will typically be 450 zloty for 3 hours but may include additional costs for transport and admissions. The tours can include:  

The Polish Peoples Republic – architecture and living conditions in Poland during communist rule in the years 1947-1989.

Jewish Warszawa – Warszawa in the interwar period, the Jewish ghetto during the Nazi occupation and the history of Jews in Poland.

A visit to the most important churches in Warszawa.

A walk through the "national" graveyard – Powiazki, the Warszawa graveyard known for its spectacular monuments.


As a tour guide I do organize all day tours from Warszawa and other Polish destinations without overnight stopovers – i.e. returning the same day.

I undertake tasks as tourist guide all over Poland and will be happy to help organize the trips. It should however be noticed, that I am not a registered tour operator, which means, that assistance with planning and bookings will be entirely in the client's name and responsibility if we talk about trips exceeding 24 hours.

All-day excursions out of Warszawa

Situated right in the middle of Poland, Warszawa is a perfect starting point for excursions to other places in Poland.

Tour no. 5

The train to Łódź

6 hours 850 zloty + train tickets

Łódź is an industrial city from the 19th century, mainly based on the textile industry. The town has declined, especially after the change of political system in 1989, but is now slowly regaining its unique style as a metropole filled with art and music.

Łódź has a unique architecture with a huge amount of spectacular town houses from the 19th century, erected by individual industrialists and other wealthy people with individual architectural preferences.

Besides from the extremely long shopping street, we take a walk around the town in order to find the most interesting architectural treasures, which are so very specific to the town. We will also have time for lunch at one of the many good restaurants, that have been opened within the past few years.


 Tour no. 6

By coach to Kazimierz Dolny and Lublin

10 hours – 1250 zloty + bus.

Extra charge for coach for 10 hours (incl. 500 km): Up to 20 participants: 1.800 zloty. Up to 28 participants: 2.100 zloty. Up to 51 participants: 2.800 zloty.

We take a stop in the picturesque little town from the 10th century, Kazimierz Dolny, by the Vistula river; the city had its golden age in the middle ages, when grain was discharged from the river port. The town has maintained its traditional architecture, and today it is a traditional home for artists and a perfect place for leisure, if you like to relax in romantic surroundings – but we will just take a look at the whole thing, not much time for relax.

Afterwards we will continue to Lublin, which is a traditional Polish middle age city, one of the few not devastated during WWII. Until WWII the city was dominated by a huge Jewish population, and the city centre is characterized by buildings from the 16th and 17th century. A walk through the streets in the Old Town resembles middle ages in a more original way than found anywhere else in Poland. We also take a look at the old historical castle, at the highest point in the Old Town, and if you like, we can take a walk under the town in the underground corridors and cellars.


Tour no. 7

Kraków by train

10 hours – 1250 zloty + train tickets – between 100 and 300 zloty pr. person in a luxury train on second class (price depends at the time of the day and when you buy the tickets; with large groups coach transport will be substantially cheaper – please ask for a quote)

Meeting at the hotel. Then 2 hours 20 minutes in a super comfortable luxury train to the main station in Kraków.  

Here we take a look at the old town in Kraków, take a walk to Wawel, which is the old kings castle, and we visit the Jewish district, Kazimierz, which during the past few years have developed into an international cultural centre.

If we organize a coach trip it is possible to include the salt mine in Wieliczka or the concentration camp Auschwitz. Both Wieliczka and Auschwitz demand a good physical condition, and also notice, that a visit in Auschwitz may be a traumatic experience. A trip to Kraków by coach including a visit to Wieliczka or Auschwitz takes around 12 hours. Please ask for a quote.







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